Updates from the Farm


Updates from the Farm

SAMSUNG CSCIt’s been a while and a lot has been going on, the past few weeks have been pretty challenging and a lot of arguing, laughing, fighting and reconciling has been going on…haha…Really and truly this journey has been something. It really has, I’m grateful but the other day I caught myself thinking ‘if I knew it would be this hard would I have even started’?! But I’ve come too far to go back and in the end I’m super grateful that I did not know it would be this hard because along the way I’ve met some pretty impressive people, stumbled on opportunities, learnt so much etc….

Anywho the pictures basically show some of what has been going on…met with a very generous Crop physiologist and Agronomist (the gentleman in the navy blue and cream jacket)  latest addition to the team, progress on the farm-house, soil tests, the search for poultry manure etc…

SAMSUNG CSCIn the middle of a very serious discussion…haha

SAMSUNG CSCBasically he came to take a look at the farm, to observe the topography, see what kind of weeds grow in the farm and the surrounding area, nature of the soil, discuss fertilizer/composting, irrigation and all that other good stuff!

SAMSUNG CSCSo homeboy was harvesting cassava from our farm, mentioned about a minor land dispute, the farmer to the left of us planted some cassava on our land and we were kind enough to let them harvest it :-)…

SAMSUNG CSCAt the poultry estate looking for ways to procure poultry waste. You can only the imagine the HORRIBLE smell hence the reason why my nose was covered. SAMSUNG CSCStill on this water thing…the thing is my mum wasn’t tall enough to look into the tank…hahaSAMSUNG CSCJust taking a look round the building…basically inspecting….SAMSUNG CSCThat’s the builder yo…He tells amazing stories…amazing I tell you…haha SAMSUNG CSCWe had a generator issue o! So we couldn’t pump water, so we went to the mechanics workshop to get it fixed….SAMSUNG CSCSorted…SAMSUNG CSCGetting the soil test sample SAMSUNG CSCThanks for stopping by 🙂


  • Oso
    October 2, 2014

    all will become a past history after succeeding. More power to your elbow and more riches to your source of finance.

  • Esiri
    January 25, 2015

    Well done Kofo.


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