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Field Trip: In search of data

In October the Commercial Agriculture Developement Project (CADP) worked in collaboration with the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) to gather data on Rice Farmers in Lagos state. Below are pictures from our field visit at Itoikin. Questions and Answer sessions….. My Boss and I working with the farmers…. Drying the Rice Random pictures… Just […]

Africa’s Brave New World -Sean De Cleene

I was listening to one of the local radio stations this morning and they mentioned an interesting fact. They said that a London-based research team has forecasted that in the next 40 to 42 year, Nigeria‘s oil reserves will have dried up. There was an article I read which was written in 2011 that stated […]

Fish Farming

One of the key elements within any project is monitoring and evaluation. This allows us to know if the objective of the project is being met and if there is any significant impact. In order to gather the necessary information we administer questionnaires to beneficiaries of the project. Below are pictures of a visit to […]

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