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Thank you!

1000 hits…382 followers later and I thought it only right to thank you for your support and remind you about why we are doing this. From my heart to yours THANK YOU! This blog was started to create a platform for the NextGenAfricanFarmers to dialogue and share ideas. To bring to people’s awareness that there […]

Value Chains in Agriculture

I appreciate that this is a rather long post but please read through to the end. Spores magazine released a special issue titled ‘The rise of the agricultural value chain’. I found this issue very interesting and eye-opening. It echoed some of my thoughts and I have chosen to share some of the contents with […]

Agripreneur…Entrepreneur…same difference?!

So as I dug deeper into the literature and I came to realise that when we get down to basics there is no real difference between an Entrepreneur and Agripreneur. But I still like the term Agripreneur :-). The Next Gen African Farmers are entrepreneurial farmers. Entrepreneurial farmers are people who are able to create […]

Looking Back…Forging Ahead…

The CADP Project is now in its 4th year and it was imperative that the project team and all stakeholders sat down together to discuss the progress so far and more importantly the future direction of the project. This bi-monthly meeting was of particular importance as it will mark the beginning of change. During the […]

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