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Pick your Own (PYO)

During my research on my go-to-market strategy I read about quite a few strategies from farmers market, to selling to middle men who then sell to the end-user, direct selling e.t.c. I also read about the Pick Your Own (PYO) strategy. Basically this means that you open your farm up to the public to pick […]

Supporting Growth…

Meet Ellen Olafsen, a programme coordinator with infoDev, a global partnership programme in the Financial and Private Sector Development Network of the World Bank Group, which supports entrepreneurs to secure early-stage financing and convene key stakeholders for dialogue and action. © World Bank I read her interview with Spores which I found interesting and decided […]

Thank you!

1000 hits…382 followers later and I thought it only right to thank you for your support and remind you about why we are doing this. From my heart to yours THANK YOU! This blog was started to create a platform for the NextGenAfricanFarmers to dialogue and share ideas. To bring to people’s awareness that there […]

Agripreneur…Entrepreneur…same difference?!

So as I dug deeper into the literature and I came to realise that when we get down to basics there is no real difference between an Entrepreneur and Agripreneur. But I still like the term Agripreneur :-). The Next Gen African Farmers are entrepreneurial farmers. Entrepreneurial farmers are people who are able to create […]

will all the AGRIPRENEURS please stand up!

Just so you know 4 new firms per 1,000 people are launched per year in industrialised countries, 1 in Latin America and the Caribbean and fewer than 0.6 in sub-Saharan Africa 80% of small business start-ups fail within 2 years of launching 87% of entrepreneurs who have received incubator support stay in business What does […]

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