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Doing Business in Africa!

Ok so while doing my daily research I stumbled across this on the SILICON AFRICA blog and I totally had to share…please share your thoughts… The continent still is a risky place to do business, but the rewards of success are instant and a lot. Here are the top 7 tips for success I’ve garnered through […]

Jamili Afrika

So my new friends over at Jamili Afrika (http://www.jamiliafrika.org/index.html) were kind enough to reblog my post (http://www.jamiliafrika.org/1/post/2013/07/who-are-the-next-generation-african-farmers.html). A little about them…well I’ll prefer you stop over on their site and read the about page (http://www.jamiliafrika.org/index.html) :-). However I have to share their philosophy ‘Jamili Afrika’s philosophy is to promote a mindset that says we are no […]

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