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What we do.

Our personalized solutions are meticulously tailored for individuals like you, ensuring that your gardening endeavors flourish without overwhelming you. With a specialized focus on limited space gardening, we excel at maximizing the potential of your garden, employing innovative techniques to optimize your available space. Our commitment to eco-friendly pest management practices underscores our dedication to both plant health and environmental well-being.

We create bespoke kitchen garden

Kitchen Garden Setup.

We specialize in creating bespoke kitchen gardens for individuals and businesses. With a proven track record, we've designed gardens for homes, restaurants, and even orchestrated the garden setup for the prestigious Knorr Nigeria Jollof Festival in Lagos and Abuja over the past two years.

We organise workshops and trainings

Workshop and Training.

Our comprehensive workshops and training sessions are available both on-site and at client locations. We've empowered over 1000 farmers with essential record-keeping skills and coached 50 gardeners in the art of setting up and managing their kitchen gardens. While most of our sessions are conducted in person, we also offer engaging online training experiences.

Garden Tour
We offer consultations

Consultation Services.

Our tailored consultation services cater to the unique needs of our customers, ensuring they meet their agricultural and gardening goals. Whether through face-to-face meetings or virtual sessions, we're dedicated to your success.

We Organise Workshops

Garden Tours.

Designed for students and groups aged 7 and above, our guided garden tours offer a rich learning experience. Participants gain insights into various plant species, their applications, nurturing techniques, soil types, and much more. As a memento, each participant takes home a small plant.

We rent out space

Event Space Rental (COMING SOON).

Stay tuned for the opportunity to rent our picturesque space for your own events. Our venue accommodates gatherings of up to 150 guests, providing a charming backdrop for your special occasions.

We can speak to your audience

Keynote Speaking.

Our esteemed CEO is available to deliver insightful talks on a range of topics including Agribusiness, gardening, food security, and related subjects. Invite our CEO to speak at your next event and benefit from their wealth of knowledge and expertise.


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