Updates from the Farm


Updates from the Farm

SAMSUNG CSCA lot has gone on since my last update from the farm. Matter of fact this post is 2 weeks late. Shame on me but what’s a girl to do…too many “excuses” have prevented me from blogging. I’m glad to bring you old but relevant news. So we headed down to the farm….

Work on the farm-house has already started. Like almost every other thing, it hasn’t gone according to plan and that has also meant money has been wasted, evil thoughts have been thought 🙂 and contractors have been promptly fired.

SAMSUNG CSCThat’s a cross-section of the foundation of the farm-house, the sewage and the jacked up not sure what to call it thing that’s supposed to support the tank :-). In spite of doing a bad job they also damaged my fence, imagine that. For a few days I wasn’t a happy camper. But hey I got over it…haha…

SAMSUNG CSCSo we were discussing, actually it was more like a Q & A session. The problem was that when questions were asked the contractor never gave the right answer, I can’t say they were wrong but they were definitely not right 🙂 It was the beginning of the end of our working relationship.

SAMSUNG CSC I think this is the point where we decided enough is enough. Let us just show you what should have been done….

SAMSUNG CSCSo the truth of the matter is that there are lots of things that I don’t know but the things I know…I know that I know and it’s hard for people to convince me otherwise. I tell the contractor that the cute building used as a canteen in the left hand corner of the picture is made from bamboo and I want a section of the farm-house made from that material. Homeboy turns round and tells me it’s not bamboo…I’m like so what is it…at first he is like I don’t know what it’s called then he somehow remembers and calls it some weird name and proceeds to convince me. Well I didn’t argue with him because I had already spoken to the owner of the canteen and she introduced to the man who built it and he told me it was BAMBOO. I’m like ok that’s it, homeboy GATS TO GO.

On this journey I have learnt that you have to be clear on what you want, be patient enough to make sure you get the right people with the right skills to do the job properly, shit things happens and that’s totally ok (if you learn your lesson and never repeat it ‘more than once’ 🙂 ) You have to be ready to fire people and when you do regardless of how much you feel they’ve cheated you or abused your trust, be professional. I had to get over my anger first and then found a tactically way to get them off the job…haha…I gat skills! The truth is I didn’t want them coming to my farm and destroying things because I upset them….you catch my drift.

We have now hired new builders, we are basically micro-managing these guys and every kobo is accounted for IMMEDIATELY it is spent.I’m sure they think I’m  not just stingy but  SUPER stingy…haha…what’s a girl to do…

Hope fully the next update on the farm-house will be the completed building. Oh by the way… In the past few weeks, I’ve learnt so much about how a house is built…I think I’ve done more research on building a house than on agriculture in the last 3 weeks.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 !

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  • thecorporatefarmer
    August 6, 2014

    Well done Kofo. Getting people with the right skills and right values/virtues – honesty, integrity, industry etc could be far and few between. Such is life actually…. Just ‘enjoy’ the process….


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