Rice for Jobs


Rice for Jobs


A few weeks ago the team made our way to Badagry to visit some of the farmers on the Rice for Jobs project. The programme was launched by the Lagos state government in 2008 to create jobs for unemployed youths; strengthen local capacity for rice production, achieve a production target of 1,600 tons of paddy per annum and facilitate access to rice processing equipment. The programme has positively impacted 180 farmers within the last three years, who produce about 180 tons of rice, which is still far off from the consumption target of 540,000 tonnes per annum for Lagos alone. Rice-for-Job is located on about 200 hectares of land located in Itoikin, Epe and Ikoga in Badagry and also has a modern rice processing and milling centre. Below are some of the pictures from the field visit

Ikeja-20130710-00365IMG-20130710-00379IMG-20130710-00400IMG-20130710-00403IMG-20130710-00402IMG-20130710-00401IMG-20130710-00396IMG-20130710-00391The pictures below shows the irrigation facilities at the farm.IMG-20130710-00412 IMG-20130710-00411 IMG-20130710-00410 IMG-20130710-00408 IMG-20130710-00409 IMG-20130710-00407 IMG-20130710-00406IMG-20130710-00383 Rice field – IrrigatedIMG-20130710-00387Rice field – Non-IrrigatedIMG-20130710-00382http://www.lagosagric.org/index.php/gallery/ada/category/24-rice-cultivation-in-lagos-staterice-for-jobThanks for stopping by!


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